Pictograma de slăbire png. Metric Weights clip art

Principiul de funcționare Pictograma de slăbire png All but the group members lose direction and weapons and invisibles come out of the hidden area.

pictograma de slăbire png

Enemies, who hit with the spell, fall under the effects of disorientation and disarmament. The effect of disorientation is removed by damage.

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Effective casualty radius - large. It does not work with other spells.

pictograma de slăbire png

Răsuflare rece The health increased and the damage of the cold magic made by the hero grows. The base health of character and the harm, applied by the magic of water will increase after the substituted critical impact with a certain chance.

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Uragan de gheață Snow and ice blast flies from the hero to the target, having a value damage to all who are on its way. Icy storm goes from the character to the purpose, striking on the way of its movement to 3 enemies with the magic of water. Damage depends on additional magic damage.

Effective casualty radius - average. Meteorite Rain Meteorite shower damages a certain amount of value to all who are in the zone of action. To 4 purposes in the zone of action of spell, the damage is obtained by the earth magic.

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The value of damage depends on additional magic damage. Effective casualty radius — large. Pereți de gheață The impassable wall of ice appears in the specified place, preventing from movement.

pictograma de slăbire png

On the way of enemy builds the ice wall, which cannot be passed through, but it is possible to shoot and to use spell. Enemy, who fell under the effect of ice wall, is frozen to the place. Wrath of the Earth The circle of energy starts from the hero, damaging everybody except the group members by the magic of water and earth.

Caracteristicul Vicolo dell'Archetto, probabil decumanus al orașului roman. Via Gioacchino Rossini, probabil un cardo roman antic.

Three waves, which are dispersed from the character, inflict damages by the magic of water and earth. Effective casualty radius - small.